Grannys picks- Selected Dollar General Deals – 7-20-2014

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Granny Run Household Supplies July 17, 2014

Miscellaneous household supplies continued


 3 packages of assorted ink pens and markers

 2 bottles of Brut deodorant

 4 bottles of right guard deodorant

 8 boxes of 15 count hefty quart freezer bags
 8 bottles of 25 to 30 to load Arm and Hammer laundry soap

 Regular retail price $154.88
 Total granny price $4.50


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Granny Run July 17th 2014

Miscellaneous health and beauty aids and household items

 7-32 count Bayer Aspirin

 5- boxes of 80 count Centrum silver

 1- box 4 count 40 watt reveal light bulb

 2-25 watt reveal bulbs

 Total retail price $98.33 

 Total granny price $12.08

Health Beauty Aids

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Granny getting her snack on….Granny Run July 17th 2014

2 – 9 .1 ounce boxes of Jif Cereal

2-12 pack Mini Snickers Ice Cream Bars

1- 13.1 ounce box of Honey Nut Cheerios Melody Crunch

2- 10.8 ounce boxes of Rice Crispys Multigrain Shapes

2 -16 .5 ounce boxes of Kellogg’s Chocolate Delight Cereal

2-24 packs of Coca Cola

4 boxes of assorted Little Debbie Snack Cakes

Total retail price $51.26

Total were any price $20.61



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Granny Says Be Thankful


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July 5th Yes Still.. Grannys Basket Almost Tipped Over..May Day, May Day…Granny Going Down…

Ad Match on condiments

 4 28 ounce bottles of KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce

2-5 ounce bottles of Kikkoman soy sauce

3- 24 oz bottles of pace picante sauce

 2-40 ounce bottles of gates barbecue sauce

 3 boxes of Swanson flavor boost

 4-2.5 ounce cans of sliced black olives

 1 24 ounce jar of VLASIK pickles

 2- 32 ounce boxes of chicken broth

 2-22 ounce bottles of Hershey’s syrup

 6 12 ounce containers of cake frosting

 2-11 .5 ounces jars of smukers toppings

 Total retail price $58.46

 Granny paid $36.94



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