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Archive for September 2014

velvetta cheese

Granny Run August 23rd 2014

Granny & Paw Paw Eating Healthy on Ad Match at Wallys

My finds included :

2 watermelons

4 lbs red onions

two containers of artisan lettuce

2 bags of green onions

1 head of iceberg lettuce

16 pounds of Idaho potatoes

One pound of bananas

 2 pounds of sweet mini peppers

 6 pounds of Velveeta cheese

2 bags Mexican cheese shreds

2 24 count cheese slices
4.5 pounds of tomatoes on the vine
2 cucumbers

Total retail price $ 85.58

 Granny paid $ 26.04


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Granny been on Furlough Little Ones Enjoying Time Off.. August 23rd 2014

My finds included :

7 pounds Land o frost deli meat

18 pounds thin premium cut boneless skinless chicken breast

8 pound of 96 %lean ground chuck

4 pounds of tilapia

Regular retail price $175.16

Total granny price: $44.44

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