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Granny Been Getting It Yall.. Can You Say Free… June 20-August 18th 2015 Freebies

June 20-August 18th 2015 Freebies


28- toothbrushes

3-battery operated toothbrushes

22- deodorants

227- razors

19- body wash

1524- femenine hygiene products

4- bottles of vitiamins

9- bottles of cough syrup

65- bottles nail polish

10- tubes lipstick


17-eye shadow kits


3 bags cat  food

Cleaning Supplies and Paper goods:

108 double rolls angel soft toilet tissue

72- rolls paper towels

21- refresh auto deodorizers

20- bottles of dawn dish detergent

Grocery :

1-Family pack of center cut thin boneless pork loin chops

39- packages of polish sausage and hot dogs

15 -packages of assorted cookies and crackers

65- protein bars



Granny Be Laughing  

All The Way To The Bank…    Laughing


I was checking my books yesterday & recording & thought that I would share …

This is why I love qponing !!!!!!
The total retail value of these items it $700-800….
Granny Price #FREEBIES





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