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The Big K Kmart

Starting 7/26, Kmart will be having their awesome Double Coupon week! Here are some things you should know about it, and some high value coupons that you might want to print before the sale starts tomorrow!


Some Information!

•You must scan your SYWR card FIRST (sign up for free) to get your coupons to double

•You must have a total purchase of $25 BEFORE sales tax and coupons.

•Up to 5 manufacturers coupons, $2 or less, doubled per customer per day.  (So a $2 coupon doubles to $4.)

•Up to 4 like manufacturer’s coupons can be doubled per transaction.

•You can use more than five coupons in a transaction, however it’s the first five coupons scanned that will double.  Make sure you hand the ones that you want doubled to the cashier first.

•A coupon will not double beyond the value of the item.  (So a $2 coupon on a $3.69 item will only double to $3.69.)

•Kmart store coupons may be used however they will not double.

Here are some high value coupons you might want to have handy! Most of these will either disappear or get reset at the end of the month, so make sure you print them now!


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